Residential Exterior Painting in Seattle, WA

We have been painting homes in Seattle for over 20 years and have likely painted the exterior of a house on your block and certainly in your neighborhood.  We strive to offer good value to our clients by providing quality work at a fair price. 

Why You Should Paint

Over time you will need exterior house painting to protect your home and keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Sun and rain work together to damage paint causing it to fade, crack, and peel.  Painted surfaces, particularly wood, that remain exposed for too long are likely to rot.

When You Should Paint

The best way to prevent costly repairs is to inspect the outside of your house annually and to address any areas where the current paint is failing.  In Seattle, houses average 8-10 years between full exterior paint jobs.  How frequently you will need to paint the outside of your home can vary greatly depending on the type and age of siding and trim materials, color, architectural style, sun exposure, number and quality of previous paint jobs, and numerous other factors. A new house with fiber cement (Hardie) siding and large soffit that has been painted a light color with a quality product might be able to last 20 (+) years before the exterior needs to be painted again.  A turn-of-the-century craftsman that is constructed of wood that has been painted several (maybe dozens!) of times might start have peeling issues within a couple of years, especially on the south side that gets direct sun (UV) exposure.

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential for maximizing the life of your exterior paint job.  Before painting we will perform all necessary standard preparations including pressure washing to clean, scraping to remove deteriorated paint, priming raw materials such as bare wood to ensure adhesion, and caulking joints to seal.  Additionally, we can perform carpentry repairs to address any rotten items.

Paint Products

Because using quality paint is vital for residential exterior painting, we typically use products from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We will help you select which paint product is the best fit for your project based on several factors including construction materials, current conditions, color choice, and budget.

Free Consultations

If you think it might be time to paint the exterior of your home, Contact us today to schedule a free bid on our exterior house painting services. Consultations typically take about 20 minutes and allow us to evaluate the current condition of the paint on your home, identify problem areas, discuss product options and paint selection, and gather the information we need to provide you with a detailed, fair, and accurate proposal.